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Guidelines for Natural Burial Pioneers:


Each Guideline in this series builds upon the information presented in the previous Guideline/s. In this way, a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter is developed gradually, minimising repetition.


These Guidelines are made freely available under Creative Commons Licences. Your attention is drawn to the terms and conditions of the Licence set out within the Guidelines. 

  • Guideline 2 - Environmental Considerations for Establishment of Natural Burial Grounds


  • Guideline 3 - Assessment Procedures for Proposed Natural Burial Ground Sites



Need a different Guideline?

The following topics are being considered for further Guidelines in this series. If you have an idea for a different Guideline topic, feel free to contact the Project with your suggestion.


  • Planning Your Natural Burial Ground Landscape

  • Establishment, Management & Operation of a Natural Burial Ground

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